Comfort Food

Your support of locally produced food is more important than ever.

Send comforting, nutritious food to friends and family who are staying at home to protect us all (and don’t forget to treat yourself as well).

We make humane, grass-based dairy products. These are great comfort foods in a time of crisis but they are also very nutrient-dense foods, packed with protein, fat and vitamins and minerals. Cheese makes the fabulous nutrition from milk last a whole lot longer.


We all wish shipping perishables wasn’t so expensive! Here’s how you can reduce your shipping cost and support us too:
Free Shipping on all orders over $150 nationwide (except HI and AK).
Free Shipping on non-perishables ($25 min) with coupon code FREESHIPPINGGOODIES.
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Create a custom care package to bring comfort food to your friends and family (or just you). Choose from a variety of our artisan cheese and local food pairings and we’ll ship them right to your door.

Whole Wheels Ship Free

Did you know that whole wheels can be stored indefinitely until cut?

Prairie Tomme Whole Wheel

Prairie Tomme is our award-winning 100% sheep’s milk, long-aged, hard cheese.

Prairie Tomme Reserve

Whole wheels of extra long-aged Prairie Tomme, our 100% sheep’s milk mountain style cheese.  

Aux Arcs Whole Wheel

A rustic, mountain style, hard cheese made with blended sheep and cow’s milk. 


Find yourself cooking at home a lot more these days? Learn how to incorporate our lamb and cheese into delicious recipes.

Comforting Collections

Fresh Cheese Collection

Pick your favorite flavors of our Fresh Spreadable Cheese to enjoy

Aged Cheese Collection

A delicious assortment of our aged cheese styles from soft-ripened to long-aged.  

Green Dirt Farm Sampler

The perfect gift! A sampler of three of our most popular cheeses. 

Cheese of the Season Subscription

Give a year-long subscription that celebrates the seasonality in the flavors and textures of our cheese. Cheese of the Season members receive one shipment of 3-4 cheeses each season, including an occasional bonus of a new or limited edition cheese. Each shipment is accompanied by a description of the individual cheeses including serving suggestions and pairing notes.