Cheese of the Season Subscription


Give the Gift of the Seasons with a subscription to our best cheeses sent in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

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As the grass our sheep eat changes with the seasons, so too does the flavor in the milk and, of course, the cheese! Our Cheese of the Season collection is a year-long subscription that celebrates this seasonality in the flavors and textures of our cheese. Every Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter we will pick at least 3 cheeses that best represent the character of the milk and the grasses in each of the seasons. Cheese of the Season members receive one shipment of 3-4 cheeses each season, including an occasional bonus of a new or limited edition cheese. Each shipment is accompanied by a description of the individual cheeses including serving suggestions and pairing notes. Please note that the Winter edition is shipped in January (after the Holidays). If you are ordering this as a gift, let us know at check out and we’ll send the recipient a personalized gift card describing the subscription. Be sure to include an email and/or phone number for yourself or your gift recipient, so we can contact you a week prior to shipping, to confirm that you’ll be home to accept the package.

Approximate shipping dates: Winter- late January; Spring- early May; Summer- mid-July; Fall- late October.

Shipping is included in the price.