Prairie Tomme Whole Wheel


Prairie Tomme is our award winning 100% sheep’s milk, long aged, hard cheese. Whole 4lb wheel. Whole wheels can store indefinitely. Whole wheels ship free.

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Product Description

Prairie Tomme is our rustic, mountain style, hard cheese, made with 100% sheep’s milk. The curd is cut very small and slowly cooked, and then it is pressed, resulting in a lower moisture cheese. It is aged at least 4 months, during which the rind is washed with brine. This creates a beautiful, natural rind with an earthy flavor.

This cheese is nutty and caramel-y, with hints of brown butter. Its rind is evocative of grass and minerals with a heavy wet clay aroma. This is a minimum 4lb whole wheel. Whole wheels will last in your fridge indefinitely until they are cut. Cut wheels will grow a surface layer of mold on the cut edges that is easily washed or cut off.

Shipping is free for whole wheels of cheese!

If you’d like an even longer aged version of this cheese try our Prairie Tomme Reserve.

Prairie Tomme pairs well with Belgian style Ales and Lagers, Pinot noir or Burgundy reds, Spanish chorizo, and pears. This cheese creates a scrumptious cheese soup, or grilled cheese sandwich. 


Prairie Tomme Carbonara

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