Prairie Tomme


Prairie Tomme is our award winning 100% sheep’s milk, long aged, hard cheese. 4oz wedge.

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Prairie Tomme is a rustic, mountain style, hard cheese, made with 100% sheep’s milk. The curd is cut very small and slowly cooked, and then it is pressed, resulting in a lower moisture cheese. It is aged at least 4 months, during which the rind is washed with brine. This creates a beautiful, natural rind with an earthy flavor.

This cheese is nutty and caramel-y, with hints of brown butter. Its rind is evocative of grass and minerals with a heavy wet clay aroma. We cut a 4.5lb wheel into 4 oz wedges for you.

Prairie Tomme pairs well with Belgian style Ales and Lagers, Pinot noir or Burgundy reds, Spanish chorizo, and pears. This cheese creates a scrumptious cheese soup, or grilled cheese sandwich. 

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