A blended milk cheese with a bloomy rind.

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Product Description

Ruby is a Stracchino-style blended milk cheese, very loosely inspired by Robiola, and made with blended cow and sheep milk. This is a cheese that we make using lovely, rich, grass-fed Jersey cow’s milk that we source from a nearby Animal Welfare Approved farm. The cheese is washed during the first two weeks of aging, which adds a faint rosy hue beneath the powdery white rind that grows in after.

This cheese is buttery and floral with grassy notes. It has a pleasantly tangy, almost yogurt-like flavor when young and becomes fruitier with age. The paste is creamy and pliable with a satisfying texture similar to soft bread dough.

Drink with an oaky Chardonnay, mild creamy beers. Serve with spicy arugula salad or a variety of charcuterie. Due to the subtlety of this cheese, it lends itself beautifully to cooking. It will enhance and compliment almost anything. A Green Dirt favorite is to use Ruby on a flat bread pizza with pesto, caramelized onions and walnuts.

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