Tuffet is a small delicate cheese with a wrinkly rind. It’s made with blended cow and sheep milk and has grassy, tangy and honey nectar flavors.

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Tuffet is a lactic style, Geotrichum rinded, cheese. Lactic-style refers to the way the cheese curd is set using lactic acid produced by the cultures, creating a delicate cheesecake-like texture to the paste. Its rind has a transparent, gossamer layer of white powder, with its peachy-tan rind peaking through. It has a wrinkly surface, caused by the Geotrichum Candidum yeast that grows on the rind.

Tuffet tastes of bread dough with a yeasty aroma. It is grassy, tangy and has a delicate honey nectar flavor.

Tuffet pairs well with sparkling wine, rosé, lactic stouts, berries, shortbread, and jalapeño jam. This cheese creates a spectacular cheesecake.