Valentine’s Day Collection

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What’s better than chocolate for Valentine’s Day? Cheese and chocolate!! Our Valentine’s collection contains a wheel of Dirt Lover, a tub of our Fresh plain cheese and delicious accompaniments that make the perfect pairings for our cheese!

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Dirt Lover - mini

Our popular, award-winning cheese, Dirt Lover in a new mini size. Dirt lover is a 100% sheep's milk, bloomy rind, cheese with a light coating of vegetable ash. It tastes buttery, lemony, and mushroomy, and becomes earthy and beefy as it ripens.

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Fresh Spreadable Cheese: Plain

A lactic style, fresh spreadable cheese.

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Effie's Cocoa Cakes

Deep Dark and oh-so chocolatey! Effie's signature Oatcakes now have a chocolate-y twist.  Effie’s Cocoacakes are crisp, buttery cookies lightly malted and layered with toasted coconut.


Strawberry Champagne Truffle Bar

This delicious chocolate bar comes to us from Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, a second generation, chocolate company from across the state in St. Louis, Missouri.  54% Cocoa with Fresh strawberries and Champagne are infused into a fresh cream ganache truffle center.


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Gift Baskets

Green Dirt Farm logo wooden crate gift baskets- the perfect way to deliver your gift!

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Send your lovey a wonderful collection full of yummy goodness that says “I love you!” Take our Award winning Dirt Lover (3oz) plus a fabulous Strawberry Champagne Truffle chocolate bar from Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate (3.5oz) and add Effie’s Cocoacakes (7.2oz) and our Fresh cheese (3.5oz) altogether in a crate branded with our super cute sheep logo! Maybe you can share it!

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Weight 80 oz

Gift Baskets


Square, no Handle


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